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+What is KLIMS?

KLIMS is online virtual Laboratory Information Management software (LIMS) used in driving the business processes of Pathology Laboratories and Diagnostics Centres. KLIMS improves customer’s experience, increases productivity while guaranteeing ROI (Return on Investment is very quick).

+Is KLIMS easy to use?

KLIMS browser-based user interface is simple to use and navigate. All that is needed to use KLIMS is a PC, Notebook or Tablet with Internet Browser (Mozilla, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc) and Internet access.

+Do we need to hire an IT person to manage the application?

NO! All Application support is provided by KLIMS.

+Do we need to send our staffs for training?

KLIMS will provide onsite training for staff members that will be using the application. Staff training has been designed to be role specific – Administrator, Lab Supervisor, Lab Attendant, Lab Scientist, Receptionist etc.

+Ours is a Lab with branches / collection centres. Can KLIMS work for us?

KLIMS can be deployed for the following organizational setup:

  • Single Lab (No branch / No Collection centres) : Single Lab with Collection centres : Multi Branch Labs : Multi Branch Labs with Collection centres
+What kind of security measure has been put in place to secure our data?

KLIMS has a robust database system to handle large data with critical needs to ensure a high level of data security. It’s HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant with SHA-2, 2048 bit encryption system embedded.

User access to the application is controlled by login permission which restricts / controls their activities within the application. An Audit trail of who, when, and what he/she did on the system is also maintained.

KLIMS is a full-featured web based; N-tier architectural Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed using the latest and most robust Web, Database, & Security Technologies available.

+Can we backup our data on a local system?

YES! KLIMS supports the backup of Lab data on a local computer. Lab administrators are able to back up all their Lab data on a local computer.

+What service plans are available for sign up?

Below are the service plans avaiLable on the KLIMS platform:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Professional
  • Enterprise


Details on each of the plans can be found at Service Plans
+Is there a limit to the number of clients that be added or tests conducted on the KLIMS platform?

NO! Labs can add as many clients and can conduct as many tests as needed. There is no limit.

+Can we add new tests / test groups / samples / sample groups, modify test parameters and design test specific templates for results?

The KLIMS application is quite robust and allows all these and many more customizations to be carried out.

+How are samples tracked within the KLIMS application?

Specimens are accepted and tracked through the use of Barcodes. Labs can generate and Print their barcode labels or use pre Labeled barcodes. Barcode are generated as per International Standards nomenclature.

The system also supports manual entry of Label numbers.

+Does KLIMS support Billing and Accounting?

KLIMS has been designed to handle all the Billing and Accounting functions carried out in a Lab.

Since services and appointments are performed right inside the application, bill generation and tracking is seamless.

+Can I manage my inventory (stock) on the KLIMS platform?

Yes. KLIMS has an Inventory Management module. Some of the features include - Purchase Order, Payments, Pending Orders, Rejected Orders, Delivery & Stock Management, Stock Control / Expiry Dates / Batch Numbers, Departmental Orders / Fulfillment, Product below Limit, Reporting etc.

+What type of reports are available on the KLIMS platform?

Using a well developed and robust MIS and Dashboard features, KLIMS generates daily / monthly / quarterly / yearly Laboratory and administrative reports to aid decision making. Some of the reports generated include:

- No of Test Done, No of Samples Rejected, No Tests within / outside TAT, No Tests Pending, No of Reports Printed / Sent, Billing Reports, Patient Reports, Register Generation, Email Reports, Inventory Reports etc.

+How are reports sent / delivered to the patients?

In addition to patients picking up their test reports, KLIMS also sends Lab reports to Patients, Collection Centre, and Ordering Physicians electronically (all Reports are electronically signed). As soon as a report is ready, Patients and Ordering Physicians can be notified via SMS / Email. Using the Patient portal, patients can download their reports, print their bills, and also check the history of all past tests carried out.

+Can the KLIMS application interface with other Laboratory instruments?

KLIMS is ready to be interfaced with all types of Laboratory Instruments via Unidirectional and Bidirectional communication methods.

+How are customer services and support issues handled?

All customer services and support issues should be directed as indicated below:

Customer Service:
Tel: 01 2903083, 01 6324414

Tel: 01 2903083, 01 6324415

You can also contact your account officer to expedite problem resolution.