About Us

About Us

KLIMS is an easy to use, cloud based, Laboratory Information Management System for Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Diagnostic centres. KLIMS enable Labs to manage complex business processes, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce turn-around-time (TAT), eliminate data errors and promote enterprise-wide collaboration. KLIMS streamlines and manages both the medical and administrative operations of a medical diagnostic laboratory while improving efficiency, reducing cost and helping to drive up profits.

Medical Laboratories are known to generate enormous amount of data from the hundreds (or even thousands) of samples they process every day. As samples “walk’ through the laboratory, KLIMS collects, processes, stores, retrieves data at each step of the analysis to ensure sample traceability, regulatory compliance, reliability of results, adherence to industrial standards, as well as provide reporting capabilities.

Our easy to use KLIMS platform takes care of the Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of Medical Diagnostic testing laboratories. Some of these activities include - patient demographics, Order entry, specimen processing, results entry, and reporting. KLIMS is able to route test orders and results to various users (Labs users, pathologists, and ordering physicians), branch locations and patients. KLIMS also offers non-clinical functionality such as Inventory management, billing, and accounting services.


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